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PGC Pressure / vacuum pump kit (-0.95 to 35 bar / -13.7 to 510 psi)

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Product code:
Pressure fitting type:
Bx G1/8
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Product Overview

The PGC pump kit includes:

  • PGC Pump (9010060)
  • Carrying case
  • Pressure T-hose, 40 bar, 3x 0.75m hoses with Bx G1/8" fittings (8009550).
  • Pressure fitting set for PGC Pump (8003100)
    • Pressure fitting Bx G1/8" male to G(ISO228) G1/4" female (including two seals)
    • Pressure fitting Bx G1/8" male to G(ISO228) G1/8" male (including o-ring).

PGC pressure / vacuum pump -0.95 to 35 bar / -13.7 to 510 psi

The PGC is a hand-operated calibration pump that can be used to generate pressure and vacuum. When using the pressure/vacuum selector you can quickly choose between generating pressure or vacuum. The PGC pump also provides the means to accurately fine tune the generated pressure.

PGC Specifications:

  • Pressure media: Air
  • Outlet connector: Bx G1/8" female 
  • Dimensions: 220 mm x 120 mm x 65 mm / 8.7" x 4.7" x 2.6"
  • Weight: 820 g / 1.81 lb