PGM & PGV calibration pumps, complete kit

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PGM & PGV calibration pump kit

The PGM and PGV pumps create a good combination for precise low pressure calibrations. In addition to the contents of the separate products PGM calibration pump (9010000) and PGV vacuum calibration pump (9010120), this kit includes:

PGM calibration pump (0 to 20 bar / 0 to 290 psi)

The PGM is a hand-operated pressure calibration pump that uses air as its pressure medium. The extremely accurate volume
control provides the excellent fine adjustment of pressure. The pump’s unique and sturdy construction makes the PGM the ultimate field calibration pump. 

PGM user manual:

PGM specifications: 

  • Pressure media: Air
  • Default pressure fitting thread: 2x 1/8" NPT female threads.
  • Dimensions: 223 mm x 96 mm x 38 mm / 8.78" x 3.78" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 400 g / 0.9 lb

PGV vacuum calibration pump 0 to -0.95 bar / 0 to 13.7 psi

The PGV is a highly efficient vacuum pump generating vacuum quickly using a pulling action. The extensive volume control provides fine adjustment of the generated vacuum. The compact, sturdy and lightweight construction is designed for use in tough field environments.

PGV user manual:

PGV specifications:

  • Pressure medium: Air
  • Default pressure fitting thread: Bx G1/8" male, use equivalent female fitting to attach to the pump.
  • Dimensions: length: 230 mm to 322 mm, diameter: 35 mm
  • Weight: 340 g / 0.75 lb