Pressure fitting Bx 1215 male to G1/8" male, no valve


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Bx 1215
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Product Overview

Pressure fitting Bx 1215 male to G1/8" male can be used for connecting Beamex 630 bar hoses to internal high pressure modules with G1/8” female thread (P60, P100, P160 in MC6 and MC6-Ex manufactured before 31.1.2023, NPM160 in MC4, IPM160 in MC2).

Starting from 31.1.2023, this fitting has been added as standard to P60, P100 and P160 modules for MC6 (starting from calibrator S/N 609201) and P60-Ex, P100-Ex and P160-Ex modules for MC6-Ex (starting from calibrator S/N 702996). Thereby, these pressure modules now have Bx 1215 male thread as standard and can be connected to 630 bar hoses without additional fittings.

This fitting does not include an internal close valve and is not intended for connecting to a device under test, but only for connecting to Beamex pressure modules. 

Note! The maximum working pressure of the fitting is 400 bar. Never exceed the maximum working pressure of the pressure module or pressure fitting!


If you want to connect 630 bar hose to low pressure internal or external modules 100m to 20C with Bx G1/8” male, detach the preassembled fitting 6089410 which will reveal a G1/8” female thread and this fitting can then be attached. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review