Calibration and Repair Services

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MC2 / MC4

Product Overview

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Contents of Beamex recalibration

  • Accredited calibration and Calibration certificate.

  • Pass/fail results are indicated on the calibration certificate. The deviations are analyzed on your behalf.

  • If there are deviations, the calibrator is also adjusted (as-found/as-left results).

  • Calibration points are optimized for Beamex devices, to make sure that the device is thoroughly tested on all relevant ranges.

  • Drifts in accuracy will be noticed and countered with pre-emptive adjustments to ensure the continued accuracy of the device.

  • With an automated recalibration process, the turnaround is faster and less prone to human error.

  • Turnaround time at the Beamex factory is normally 4-8 days (average 6 days).

  • Repair checks ensure that broken devices are not recalibrated until repaired.

  • Cleaning of the device, e.g. polishing the display.

  • Free firmware and DD (device description) updates.

  • Any warranty issues occurring during recalibration will be dealt with.