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Product Overview

Short and accurate

The Beamex SIRT-155 is a very short temperature probe provided with a thin flexible cable. The SIRT-155 is a perfect solution when calibrating short sanitary sensors with the Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator. It may also be used as a general-purpose short and accurate temperature probe.

SIRT-155 offers a temperature range of -30 … 155 °C (-22 … 311 °F).

Easy to use

Short sanitary temperature sensors, especially ones with a flange, are a challenge to calibrate. You need a suitable temperature source and also a reference probe that is short enough, so it can be immersed in the same depth as the sanitary sensor to be calibrated. The Beamex SIRT-155 is a temperature probe designed for that purpose.

The SIRT-155 is a standard IEC60751 Class A Pt100 sensor and can be used accurately without coefficients. For improved accuracy, it can be used with the coefficients provided as standard.

The SIRT-155 probe is provided with a connector for the Beamex MC6-T and several other Beamex calibrators.

Technical specifications:

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