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The Beamex SIRT is designed to be used as a reference sensor with the Beamex MC6-T150 when calibrating short and flanged sanitary sensors.

The standard temperature range of SIRT-155 is -30 ... 155°C (-22 ... 311 °F), sensor type is thin film Pt100 4-wire in stainless steel casing. The sensor diameter is 3 mm (0.12”) and length 30 mm plus 10 mm bending protection (1.18” + 0.39”). SIRT-155 has a 1.5 m (59”) thin, flexible teflon cable with 6-pin LEMO connector, compatible with the R2 port on MC6 family calibrators. The sensor is delivered packed in a hard case.

SIRT-155 is calibrated in calibration points -30, -15, 0, 50, 100 ja 155 °C. Accredited calibration certificate, including sensor-specific ITS-90 and CvD correction coefficients, is included as standard. SIRT-155 is a standard IEC60751 Pt100 Class A sensor and can be used accurately without coefficients. When used with the correction coefficients provided in the calibration certificate, it has accuracy up to ±0.02 °C (0.036 °F).

Beamex blog: Sanitary temperature sensor calibration, by Heikki Laurila


(No reviews yet) Write a Review