PGHH hydraulic calibration pump 0 … 700 bar (0 … 10 000 psi), complete kit

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700 bar
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Product Overview

The PGHH hydraulic calibration pump 0 … 700 bar (0 … 10 000 psi) is a hand-operated, hydraulic, high-pressure generator to be used with liquids (mineral oil, distilled water). The pump is equipped with an adjustable volume control for fine-tuning the generated pressure. PGHH also includes a prime/high stroke selector for easy use. PGHH has two output connectors, one for high pressure EXT module and another one for 630 bar hose.

  • The connector at the top is G3/8" female thread with pre-installed G1/4" B fitting for connecting a high-pressure EXT module, blanked off with a plug. Installed fitting is 8003189 PGHH fitting G3/8" B male to G1/4" B female
    and plug 7150120 PGHH pressure plug G1/4" male.
  • The connector on the side is G1/4" female thread with pre-installed Bx 1215 fitting for connecting a Beamex 630 bar hose. The installed fitting is 7108500 Pressure fitting Bx 1215 male to G1/4" male.

Complete kit includes:
- PGHH pump
- 630 bar pressure hose, 1.0 m (7021390)
- Pressure fitting Bx 1215 male to 1/4" NPT male (7108560)
- Bonded seals for EXT/PGHH (10 pcs) (8003545)
- Copper washers for G1/4" B fittings (10 pcs) (8072700)
- filling bottle with a cap
- user manual
- all items are packed in a hard case

User manual can be found on Beamex website. 

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