PGHH service kit out parts


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The PGHH service kit out parts contains all the necessary components to maintain the pump's performance without dismantling it. The items in the kit have been packed in small plastic bags to keep the items for different parts of the pump separated.

Items for top of the pump
- O-ring 8*2 for reservoir filling plug
- bonded seal M8 for output fitting
- pressure compensation screw with PVC gasket

Items for fine adjust
- bonded seal 1/4" to be used between fine adjust and top part
- fine adjust piston seal, O-ring 3*1.5 mm and its support ring

Items for vent valve
- bonded seal 1/8” to be used between vent valve and pump top part
- 6 mm release valve ball to be used for pumps with S/N 04/22 0001 and later
- 5 mm release valve ball for older pumps

Items for bottom of the pump
- reservoir drain screw DIN 912 M5*6 with O-ring 4*2

This service kit replaces 8003190 PGHH maintenance kit that is end-of-sale.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review