RPRT-420 and RPRT-660

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Product Overview

The Beamex RPRT is a very accurate and extremely stable temperature sensor and is aimed to be used as a reference sensor in the most demanding temperature calibrations. It provides temperature ranges up to 660 °C (1220 °F) via four different models, and offers excellent long-term stability up to ±0.007 °C.

The sensor type is Pt100, sensor element length is 30 mm. The sensor is available as a straight (-300) or 90° bent (-230A) versions. Sensor diameter is 6.35 mm (1/4”) for all models, the length for straight models (-300) is 300 mm (12") and for angled version 230 mm (9") before angle. The RPRT has a 1.8 m (6 ft) teflon cable with smart 6-pin Lemo connector. The Lemo connector is compatible with MC6 family R2 or -R port in FB/MB.

An accredited calibration certificate including sensor-specific ITS-90 and CvD correction coefficients is always included as standard. The sensor must always be used with these coefficients to meet the accuracy specification. ITS-90 coefficients are also stored in sensor’s memory. The measurement capability of RPRT extends to -200 °C but accuracy specification is valid only for the calibration range.

The standard temperature ranges and calibration points

RPRT-420: -45 to 420°C (-49 to 788 °F), calibration points -45, -20, 0, 70, 232 and 420 °C

RPRT-660: 0 to 660°C (32 to 1220 °F), calibration points 0, 156, 232, 420, 660 °C

Additional calibration points to -80 °C are available on request.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review